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In this 3 hour tour, you will witness the remarkable work done by Mumbai's dabbawalas and learn about these fascinating people from an expert guide. The word "dabbawala" can be interpreted as "box-carrier" or "lunch-pail man", and is a person in Mumbai who carries and delivers freshly made food from home to people in offices. These workers have achieved 100% accuracy and their methods have been studied internationally. You will be picked up by the guide from your hotel and driven to the Churchgate Railway Station, the starting point of our tour. Here, you will see the dabbawalas disembarking the dabbles in their wooden carts from the local train. Watch these dabbawalas segregate the boxes and transfer them in trolleys for delivery. Don’t stop here as you will be escorted towards the platform to board the local train to Mahalaxmi Station. After arrival at Mahalaxmi Railway Station, observe the dabbawalas and listen as your guide teaches you about the alphanumeric colour coding system they invented and how their flawless method has attracted top business schools in the world. As they set out on their task of delivering the boxes to skyscrapers and multinational companies, understand this 125-year-old system.

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