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So much of India's rural life depends on the river that settlements tend to congregate around the banks, including the historic, chaotic city of Kolkata and Assam. Cruising along the river you'll be able to experience the bustle of the ghats and city industries, small scale textile industry set at home, as well as farmlands where ploughs are still pulled by ox and local temples honour village deities.  On a clear day the views are simply beautiful, and the leisurely pace of a river cruise is an ideal way to appreciate fully such a languid landscape. Locally inspired cuisine allows you to taste the flavours of the country while socializing with fellow passengers.

River Cruising is a truly ideal way to see India with ease.  Take in the stunning scenery of villages and countryside while sailing aboard a comfortable boat, complete with all the amenities you will need. There are two major River Cruising program that we offer they are Ganges River Cruise & The Brahmaputra River Cruise the programs are 7 Nights, 4 Nights and 3 Nights.

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